Hour Meters

How do I shut off my Flash Alert service alarm from flashing (CHG OIL, LUBE, etc.)?

Global Digital Instruments Flash Alerts are service alarms that remind the user to perform specific engine maintenance. The alerts turn on and off automatically at preset intervals of engine run time. After automatic shutoff, the Flash Alert service interval is reset and will show again when service is due. (For all non-button meters)


The display on my meter is flashing CHG OIL. I changed the oil but the meter is still flashing.

The flash Alert system is a reminder to perform a specific service only. The meter will reset itself at the pre-programmed interval.


Can I mount the meter somewhere on the engine?

The meter can be mounted anywhere as long as it is at least 8 inches away from the source of the signal (coil, plug wire, etc.) Do not mount the meter on a surface that is too hot to touch, or over sparkplug wires or ignition coils.


I purchased a Global Digital Instruments vibration activated hour meter. I attached it my stationary piece of equipment but it doesn’t count time. Why doesn’t it work?

You have to activate the meter by holding down the mode button for 10 sec. until the display shows 000.0.




Why does my tachometer read double the RPM’s?

Some ignition systems fire twice per RPM causing the meter to pick up this extra RPM of the engine. This is the exception and not the rule. If your engine does fire more than once per RPM our standard tachometer will not read accurately. Check your owners manual or with your dealer to determine the firing pattern of your engine.


Can I extend the wire provided with the meter?

The wire can usually be extended to 8 feet without affecting performance. Ignition systems vary in signal strength. Also, more wraps around the spark plug wire can increase the signal strength possibly allowing a wire longer than eight feet.


I have a Global Digital Instruments tach and hour meter. I notice that the tach reads double. I am not concerned about this because I am most interested in the hours. If the tach reads double does that mean the hour meter is reading double?

The answer is no! The hour meter and the tachometer function separately. The hour meter will always display the correct run time, regardless of the operation of the tach.


I purchased a Global Digital Instruments rotating shaft meter for my diesel engine. I want to cut in to the wire that leads to the sensor and extend it. What is the maximum length I can extend the wire?

We recommend that the wire not be extended longer than 16 feet (4,90m). It should be noted that even at sixteen feet you must take in to consideration the routing of the wire. If it is routed near other wires (in a harness) or near metal, there can be loss of signal strength.