Vibration Activated Hour Meters

  • N151 Vibration Activated Hour Meter
  • Mode Button to toggle between functions and to activate the meter
  • event counter
  • wireless installation
  • up to three Service Alerts
  • up to two timers
  • extrem shock proof
  • flash sensor

Surface Mounted

Product Features

  • Vibration sensitivity and filtering options
  • Functions resettable or non-resettable, or automatic on/off
  • Selectable Service Alarm intervals and warning options
  • Custom printing and Logo

Packaging: Carded, individual box, bulk in trays or special kit

transportfilter Transport Filter
only counts equipment run time by filtering out road travel
wireless Wireless hookup
and easy mounting
modecontrolbutton Mode button
to toggle trough functions or reset functions
servicealerts  3 Service Alerts
with Breakin interval and reset options
shockproof  Extrem shock aproof
  • Total run timer counts in tenths, then whole hours up to 99.999 hours (non resetable)
  • Timer 1 & Timer 2 counts in tenths, then whole hours up to 99.999 hours (can be resettable or non resettable)
  • 3 Service Alerts with Breakin interval and reset options
  • cycle counter: counts equipment power up cycles
    can be viewed automatically when equipment is powered off
How it works

When euqipment vibrates, the meter counts running hours.
Transport Filter*: During the first 7 sec. after start of the engine it will check out if there is a constant frequency. Therefore the meter runs 7 sec. behind time to determine the real operating hours.


Fields of Use

The Vibration Activated Meter can be used on any equipment that vibrates during the operation. It is fully epoxy potted and can withstand heat, moisture and and extreme vibration.

  • Heavy-duty industrial applications such as plate compactors, hydraulic breakers
  • Works even under water (up to 20 meters)
  • Can stand at least 45G



Technical Specifications

What makes the military quality?

  • absolute dust-, fresh-, and saltwater resistant. Therefore it’s ideal for maritime areas, too. (Pressure-washer cleaning possible)
  • Flash Alert service displays reminders for preventive maintenance. (LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FLASH ALERTS)
  • Due to a self-contained battery it has a lifecycle of 12 years.
  • Extrem shock proof up to at least 45G.
  • High contrast LCD display is always lit and polarized to prevent discoloration from UV exposure
More details in Data Sheet (Downloads – see below).

Further Information and Ordering

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