Versa Guard console

The VersaGuard console from GDI represents a leap forward in technology providing control, monitoring, display status and safety systems. Reliability is achieved by utilizing solid state controls, a contactless PTO, advanced interlock switch monitoring and multiple microprocessor checks for safety.

GDI has used our 20+ years of experience in manufacturing for this industry to create a product that is both highly functional and extremely durable. The VersaGuard console sets a new standard of features, performance and integration for outdoor power equipment.

Product Features

  • Keyless push to start instead of a standard key switch.
    The unique 4-digit push to start code allows operators to start and stop the engine without a key. Prevents unauthorized users from starting the machine, but allows multiple authorized users to start and operate the machine without having to locate a key.
  • Integrated non-contact PTO switch.  The PTO switch uses magnets and hall effects switches instead of mechanical contacts.
    Mechanical contacts can corrode and wear over time, causing the switch to fail. Our non-contact switch is more durable and tested to exceed 200,000 cycles.
  • Six assignable LED indicators. 
    These six LEDs can be assigned to give status of different areas of the mower. The operator can be alerted to any faults or failures. Options include: Oil Pressure, Battery Voltage, Water Temperature, Operator presence, Neutral Drive Levers, Parking Brake, PTO.
  • Large LCD display with a British flag style segments. 
    Can display full text alerts. Alerts can be vehicle status or preventive maintenance alarms. Features incorporated in the LCD include: Hour Meter, Tachometer, Volt Meter and Resettable timers and service alarms.
  • 3 integrated switches capable of handling up to 26 amps. 
    These assignable switches can control accessories like headlights, electric parking brakes, and mower deck height motors. Adding these switches eliminates up to 3 individual components.
  • Fully integrated, microprocessor controlled safety systems and system monitoring
    The majority of commercial mowers use a combination of relays and uses multiple processors to monitor the status of safety interlocks. Our system includes redundancy which the relay system cannot.

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Fields of Use

For any device with electro magnetic clutch.
For example:

  • Ride-On-Mowers
  • Zero-Turn-Radius-Mowers

Technical Specifications

Display Functions. LCD Hour meter (engine)
Hour meter (mower), Resettable Job Timer, Resettable Time of day clock
Tachometer (RPM, with optional firing pattern)
Battery voltage (available with High/Low alerts)
Service Alerts (5 alerts with break-in intervals and OEM specified messages)
Liquid fuel level (up to 2 tanks)
System Errors and Codes
Unlock, Engine start, Engine stop messages


Further Information and Ordering

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