• N530 Round Hour meter AC/DC hookup
  • N530 Round Picture
  • N530 Round Dimensions drawing
  • In-line hookup for AC/DC
  • Gasket Adhesive Round optional for hour Meters
  • Fix Clip for Panel mounted Meters

N530 Round

  • wide range of functions and possible configurations
  • hour meter
  • up to 3 Service Alerts
  • volt meter possible
  • Power Up and Power down messages
  • universal AC/DC Input: 5VDC-277VAC

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Product Features

OEM Options:
  • pick and choose functions
  • custom printing and logo
  • Packaging: blister card, individual box, bulk in trays, polybagged or special kits
How it works

Hour Meter and Timers

  • Total Timer counts in tenths, then whole hours up to 99,999 hours (non resettable)
  • Timer 1 counts in tenths, then whole hours up to 9,999 hours (resettable or non resettable)
  • Timer 2 counts in tenths, then whole hours up to 99,999 hours (resettable or non resettable) Resettable timers are cleaned by holding the Mode button down for 3 seconds while Timer1 or Timer2 are displayed.

Advanced Service Alerts

  • Choose from 3 Service Alerts with break in intervals, decide when to warn the customer, how often to display the alert, choose resettable or automatic service alerts, sync up multiple alerts, activate an LED or signal output.
    Service alerts are count down intervals (run hours). The interval is how often service is due (in run hours). The interval is how often the service is due (in run hours).
  • One time breakin interval option for each alarm (1 to 999 hours).
    Breakin interval: Any Service Alert can include a one time break in interval that is different than recurring intervals.
  • Reset the Service Alert by holding down the mode button for 3 seconds, or 10 seconds
  • Interval sync to synchronize alerts after break-in interval
  • Flash Alert trigger: OEM can decide when to flash alerts on LCD regardless of what mode the meter is in, plus how often to flash
  • View hours remaining in the Service interval by pressing and releasing the mode button
  • Standard custom messages available

Warranty Watcher
 Real time clock to track and display the equipment warranty period.

  • While in warranty, a small dot on the LCD flashes.
  • When the warranty period is expired, the dot on the LCD goes solid.
  •  The OEM specifies the number of warranty years from 1 year to 11 years.
  •  The OEM establishes a grace period before initialization of warranty clock (for example allow 8 hours of run time before the warranty clock starts counting).

Fields of Use

Any device with key-switch start and electrical hookup between 5 VDC and 277VAC.
Three-face-devices where the plus terminal has to be linked to one face and the minus terminal has to be linked to neutral.

Technical Specifications

What makes the military quality?

  • absolute dust-, fresh-, and saltwater resistant. Therefore it’s ideal for maritime areas, too. (Pressure-washer cleaning possible)
  • Flash Alert service displays reminders for preventive maintenance. (LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FLASH ALERTS)
  • Due to a self-contained battery it has a lifecycle of 12 years.
  • Extrem shock proof up to at least 55G (depending on the product they manage up to 90G)
  • High contrast LCD display is always lit and polarized to prevent discoloration from UV exposure
More details in Data Sheet (Downloads – see below).


Further Information and Ordering

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