• Rotating Shaft Hour Meter in Blisterpack / Designpack

N160 Hours only

  • Rotating Shaft Hour Meter
  • up to 3 Service Alerts
  • provided pickup sensor only needs to be within  6mm (¼”) to pickup a signal!


Product Features

OEM Options
  • Flash Alert programming – informs user „What to Service and When“
  • Key Cancel – Manual reset via key or wand
  • Input Reset – User toggles input for reset
  • Custom Pad Printing
  • Custom Bezels
  • Terminations: Wire, stud, screw or spade
  • Packaging: Blister cards, individual box kits, bulk trays, poly bagged or special kits
  • Custom Logos and programming available
How it works

Hour Meter

  • Records and displays to: 9.999,9 hours then rolls over to log whole hours to 99.999 hours
  • Hour glass symbol flashes. On/Off to indicate counting time
  • Resolution 0.1 hours
  • Quartz accuracy: +/- 0.02% (over entire voltage & temperature range)
  • Begins logging after 7 seconds delay

Sealed pickup sensor

  • Stainless Steel sensor with M5 threads and two M5 nuts
  • Meausres only 0.98“ (24,89) long x 0.195“ (4,95) dia.
  • Sensor is epoxy sealed
  • Operates within ¼“ (6,35) away from pickup magnet
  • Standard product comes with 48“ (1219,20) of 24awg conductor wire.

Ultra-Tiny pickup magnet

  • Ultra light disk minimizes effect on balance oft he mechanical load
  • Extremely powerful at 30 MGOe
  • Weighs only 0.23 grams (0.0005 lbs)
  • Measures 0.198“ (5.03) Dia X 0.60“ (1,52) thick
  • Long life (over 50 years+)

Fields of Use

The Rotation Shaft Meter can be used on

  • Diesel engines
  • Compressors
  • Electric Motors
  • Process equipment
  • Power equipment
  • Generators

or any other equipment, that rotates during operation e.a. unmotorized trailed equipment.

Technical Specifications

What makes the military quality?

  • absolute dust-, fresh-, and saltwater resistant. Therefore it’s ideal for maritime areas, too. (Pressure-washer cleaning possible)
  • Flash Alert service displays reminders for preventive maintenance. (LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FLASH ALERTS)
  • Due to a self-contained battery it has a lifecycle of 12 years.
  • Extrem shock proof up to at least 45G
  • High contrast LCD display is always lit and polarized to prevent discoloration from UV exposure
More details in Data Sheet (Downloads – see below).


Further Information and Ordering

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