• Max-Tach Paddock-Meter

Max-Tach Workshop-Meter

The Max-Tach Workshop-Meter reads up to 16 000 RPM, has a maximum RPM recall and clear functions and can be programmed for up to 3 different firing patterns. It is great for shop use or permanent mounting. The simple push button (MODE) helps to access all of the functions easily.
Durable, sealed and easy to use!

Product Features


  • High RPM readout (up to 16 000 RPM)
  • Programmable firing patterns
    P1 – 1 spark: 1 RPM …max. 16 000 RPM
    P2 -2 spark: 1 RPM …max. 8 000 RPM
    P3 – 1 spark: 2 RPM …max. 16 000 RPM
  • Maxtach (maximum RPM recall)
  • Maxtach clear (can zero for next reading)
  • Quick Alligator Clip hookup or permanent mount (all included)
  • Optional magnetic mount for hands free operation (included)
  • Very fast installation, simple one wire hookup (wire included)
  • Quartz accuracy & LCD display
  • Maintain maximum engine efficiency

Fields of Use

For all single & twin cylinder gasoline engines (2 or 4 cycle).

Technical Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +70C
  • LCD digit height: 0.200″
  • Dimensions: 2.8″W x 1.78″D x 69″H
  • Weight: 58,96gTachometer
  • Resolution:
    P1…40 RPM
    P2…20 RPM
  • Display update time: 1.5 sec.

Further Information and Ordering

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