• Dual Maintenance Gauges
  • Dual Gauges mit Leistungs / Batterie Shutdown

Dual Maintenance Gauges

  • combines 10-Segment LED meter with LCD Hour meter
  • easy to read user interface
  • 100% epoxy sealed

Product Features


  • bright 10 segment LED display
  • easy to read even in low light conditions
  • Top gauge with one of three inputs plus bottom gauge with Hour Meter and Service Alert options

How it works

Battery Fuel Gauge

  • Battery Charge capacity is indicated using a 10 segment LED bar graph display form full (right LED segment lit) to empty (left LED segment lit)
  • LED Flash Alert flashes the 2nd LED from the left as a warning that the battery has discharged 70%
  • At 80% discharge, LED Flash Alert alternate flashes the left 2 LEDs to indicate very low capacity is remaining
  • The LED Flash Alert can be OEM customized
  • OEM options include external LED light enable and charger communication protocol


Volt Meter

  • The appropriate system voltage is displayed using a 10 segment LED bar graph display
  • The LED Flash Alert can be OEM specified
  • The LED Flash Alert warns the user that the equipment voltage is approaching a critical voltage range (high or low)


Hour Meter

  • The hour meter is OEM specified and counts to 99,999 hours with a 1 hour resolution.
  • Tenths of hours are visible until the first whole hour is reached
  • The Flash Alert service alarms are available based on OEM requirements
  • The LCD is always lit, so users can examine the total hours, or if service is due at any time
  • Various DC or AC/DC inputs and voltage ranges are available


Fields of Use


  • Utility Vehicles
  • Dispensers
  • Forklifts
  • Golf carts
  • Floor care equipment
  • Pumps
  • Lifts
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment
  • Generators
  • other industrial equipment

Technical Specifications

What makes the military quality?

  • absolute dust-, fresh-, and saltwater resistant. Therefore it’s ideal for maritime areas, too. (Pressure-washer cleaning possible)
  • Flash Alert service displays reminders for preventive maintenance. (LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FLASH ALERTS)
  • Due to a self-contained battery it has a lifecycle of 12 years.
  • Extrem shock proof up to at least 45G.
  • High contrast LCD display is always lit and polarized to prevent discoloration from UV exposure
More details in Data Sheet (Downloads – see below).


Further Information and Ordering

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