Flash Alert Service

Service Alerts are count down intervals (run hours). The interval is how often the service is due (in run hours). The LCD will show how many hours are left before service is due.
After the interval is reached, the LCD will show to service “NOW”.



Choose from 3 Service Alerts with break in intervals, decide when to warn the customer, how often to display the alert, choose resettable or automatic service alerts, sync up multiple alerts, activate an LED or signal output.

  • Three (3) Service Alerts (1 to 9.999 hour interval)
  • One time Break in interval option for each alarm (1 to 999 hours)
  • Reset the Service Alert by holding down the Mode button for 3 seconds, or 10 seconds
  • Interval sync to synchronize alerts after Break in interval
  • Flash Alert trigger: OEM can decide when to flash alerts on LCD regardless of what mode the meter is in, plus how often to flash
  • View hours remaining in the Service interval by pressing and releasing the mode button

Reset Options:
a) Reset anytime by holding the Mode button down for 3 seconds, while in Service Alarm mode.
b) Reset only when the alert is flashing by holding down the Mode button for 3 seconds, while in Service Alarm mode
c) Reset automatically after the interval is reached (generally used for non Mode button versions)

Break in Interval:
Any Service alert can include a one time break in interval that is different than recurring intervals. (Example: Change Oil every 5 hours the 1st time, 25 hours thereafter). Each alert can be set up with a break in interval.

Flash Alert Service

Stock and custom messages & Icons available. Upper case words are 7 segments digits.

See custom messages

“Good” “svc air filter” “chg H OIL & filter” “HIgH volts”
“NOW” “svc ENG air filter” “svc bATT” “bATT”
“CHG filter” “svc ENG” “chg bELT” “chg TEMP”
“chg OIL” “svc DUE” PLUgS” “PTO”
“chg OIL filter” “LUbE” “CHG air filter” “IS ON”
“chg bELTS” “chg FUEL filer” “svc MOW” “LOW”
“chg OIL & filter” “svg FUEL Filter” “SEAT” “HIgH”
“chg OIL & air filter” “chg H OIL” “BELT” “LOW volts”