Appointed as the sole distributor for GDI-Products in EMEA and EURASIA Region


The company SenDec Corp. from Rochester N.Y. has been sold to API Corporation in 2011. SenDEC was always in its main business a military contract manufacturer. The civil divison, developing and producing state of the arts meters and gauges, where not sold and instead transformed into a newly founded Company named Global Digital Instruments LLC (GDI), because the name SenDEC was sold as well to API Corp. GDI LLC is working at the same factory, with the same people and same products, in short: nothing changed beside the name. GDI has now reorganized its sales divisions.

To get a bigger footprint outside the American market, GDI empowered IMD Europe GmbH to take care about the Hemisphere of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the EURASIA.

IMD LLC in South Carolina USA which took care about Europe before, concentrates its sources now on Middle and South America plus certain Key accounts in Northern USA and Canada further on.


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Who is IMD Europe?

IMD Europe GmbH was founded in 2013 as a Spin-Off of IMD LLC South Carolina (USA) to develop and maintain EMEA and EURASIA Regions.

The mission goal of IMD Europe GmbH is:

  • searching on world wide basis products with a high grade of unique selling propositions
  • to sell only high quality products where the customers rely on
  • to give them unique sales opportunities to enhance the markets

IMD Europe GmbH is now enlarging it’s range of products beside GDI meters.

  1. IMD Europe GmbH is holding an own stock of products in its European Distribution Center in Germany.
  2. Custom products in EURO currency are faster and with free shipment within the EU countries.
  3. Elimination of currency risk for you.
  4. All homologations and permits are done for you. Reduces legal risks for you.
  5. No import duty, no transportation fees (from value of goods € 1000, -), IMD Europe is selling within the EU based on DDU term.
  6. European Distribution centre (EDC) allows frame contracts with just in time.
  7. Decrease of Capital lookup due to quicker delivery cycles.
  8. No EU law liability because IMDE is bringing the product into market circulation.
  9. Due to greater purchasing power IMDE can offer better prices.
  10. No dependence from currency fluctuations because IMDE is invoicing in € or in $ if customer preferred.